Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moby Love

Erin’s secret recipe for getting things done:
  1. Put on Moby wrap
  2. Feed baby
  3. Insert baby
  4. Sit on excercise ball & bounce baby to sleep (preferably while watching trashy television or surfing internet) - apply pacifier as needed
  5. Get things done! Do the dishes or laundry! Sweep! Write emails/blog/facebook on a real keyboard WITH TWO HANDS!
* Advanced technique includes doing any of the above while also talking on the phone or eating. Bonus points for doing three things at once.

Seriously though, I LOVE the Moby wrap. Even better, so does Alice (see photo above - look how she smiles and points to the logo!! Despite the low pixel quality, I’m considering sending that to Moby for promotional use.). The Moby is also a must for any outings where we'll want to lull Alice into sleeping submission.

Here we are aboard the Queen Mary and below, at the San Clemente farmer’s market (with her Uncle Joshua). These photos all show our black Moby, but we got another in the natural cotton color to wear outside during the summer. The black was just too warm, it’s amazing how much cooler the lighter color is!

I’m sure the Moby is an adaptation of many different cultures’ practical application of wearing their infants, but I’m really glad it’s caught on here. I’m sure we’ll add another nifty contraption at some point but I can’t imagine that anything else would be as comfortable or comforting to a little baby than being skin to skin with mama. I’m sure I’m not the first mom to discover how such an invention can make my life easier but when it’s your first child, don’t you always feel like you and your baby alone are discovering uncharted territory?

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