Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alice's first haircut

Well, I avoided it for four years, but it was finally time for Alice's first haircut. She's always had perfect corkscrews at the ends of her lovely locks. I just could never bear to cut them off and her hair had grown past her waist (it was unbelievably long when wet). It had always been pretty tangle-free and easy to wash and comb, so I hadn't seen any need to cut it. We both liked putting it up in fancy hairstyles, and she was generally cooperative and patient. But lately, that four-year-old hair was getting dry and tangly and that four-year-old was getting less cooperative and patient, and I knew it was time for a trim before I accidentally shaved it all off in a fit of frustration. 

Here's how it looked on her birthday, in her new princess dress. It still kind of hurts my heart to look at that one. On the right is how it looked on the way to the salon, fresh out of a French braid.
 I needed a cut, too, so I took her to the salon with me. It's funky, edgy salon that I really like except for the part where I feel so untattooed and uncool and boring and mom-ish... Alice has been once before, the last time I got my hair cut, but she just had a little bang trim then. This time, she got the full treatment.
She loved having her hair washed in the sink. Over the sound of the sprayer, she kept shouting "This feels so good!" She also loved the "magic stuff" the stylist put in. 

 I asked her to cut off her ponytail so I could save it.
 So she made the ponytail, and then she cut it off. And I died a little inside.

 Alice really wanted to see it and touch it, but I tucked it away before she could accidentally dislodge the rubber band and disband the whole thing.
 And then Alice got a fancy blow out.

 The stylist tried to curl it with the brush and blowdryer and by the time she finished, all of Alice's hair was as flat and straight as it could be. So she went around and hit it with the flat iron, and by the time she got around to the other side, the first side had fallen nearly completely straight. But she got one or two little waves in there.

Somehow she looks even more grown up. I miss her Aurora hair. I have the ponytail tucked safely away. It lays flat, coiled around itself, and stretches out like a spring when you lift it. It was easier to cut than I thought it would be, but I miss the curls more than I thought I would. When I look back on the photos, I want to reach out and bounce them softly, like I used to, and wrap them around my finger to make them coil together perfectly. 

Ivy still has her amazing curls, and is growing new ones at her temples and the nape of her neck. She hates having her tangles brushed out and won't even sit still for a ponytail so I'm not sure her curls will last for four years...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birthday donations for the foster kittens

A few Saturdays ago, we finally had a chance to go down to the animal shelter and donate the items Alice collected for her birthday. Our local shelter had about 61 kittens in the foster program this "kitten season," so I know that all of Alice's donations will be much appreciated. All told, we dropped off kitty litter, toys, bottles, milk, and $50. Plus, that day, they were having a foster fair with some of the adoptable kittens, so I was really looking forward to our visit!

Alice insisted on wearing her birthday dress, of course...
Dropping her donations in the bin.
She got to hold this sweet little ball of fluff, but really she was more interested in playing with her stuffed Minnie Mouse on the cat tree off to the side of this photo...

 The girls (and mostly Jon) really liked this sweet little kitten. I found out later that she and her brother almost came home with us...

Ivy LOVES kitties.
I miss sleeping kittens. I can't believe the positions they end up in.
 And then we dropped off the money to this nice Animal Control Officer, who had actually come out to our house a few weeks earlier to collect a crow with a broken wing. Hope that guy's OK (the crow, I mean).

Thanks to everyone who gave Alice something to donate!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cloud b Photoshoot

People keep telling me that they'd buy anything Ivy was marketing, but no one was offering me any job opportunities for her. But a few weeks ago, that changed and Ivy and Alice had their first paying gig.

My sister's friend works at Cloud b and asked if Ivy would like to be part of a product photo shoot. At the last minute, they asked if Alice would like to participate, too. So we did!

Cloud b is an awesome company and we have long loved their toys at our house. Their "plush with a purpose" helps to create soothing sleep routines so kids (and parents!) can get better sleep. Our Twilight Ladybug is well-worn, and Gentle Giraffe was such a favorite, we've gone through a few because our little engineers have done quite a number on the sound boxes. So we were excited to be invited to play with the Cloud b team!

I was excited to see lots of fun new products (I'm particularly interested in Twilight Turtle Tunes!).
Some are already available online, and you'll just have to keep an eye out for the rest! If you need a gift that any little one (and parent) will love, consider anything in the "Touch" section of the Cloud b shop. The Bubbly Bunny blanket is heavenly and huge. I wish I'd had it when my babies were staying put on the floor but now we'll just have to cuddle up with it on the couch! The Poufs and the Snug Rugs are also awesome, and Ivy LOVED all the little Lovies. And come on, who wouldn't love a Giant Sleep Sheep?? We definitely all did!

Ivy didn't waste any time getting down to business and turning on the cute. There were SO. MANY. toys and they just kept handing her new things to play with. Playing with toys and looking cute while someone took her photo? She's been preparing for that moment her whole life.

Keep an eye out for some of these photos, they could end up anywhere from the Cloud b websiteblogFacebook page, or even on other marketing and packaging materials!

Like this? Is this what you want?

Ivy loved this Glow Cuddles Bunny, especially the soothing vibrations when she hugged him! I love this photo, and that cute bunny face.

There was a whole army of these Twinkles To Go Octos and Octo Softeez and both Alice and Ivy were obsessed with them. The Twinkles To Go Octos look perfect for taking on the road. I think we might need a matching pair for our house...

 Alice brought along her own Minnie Mouse stuffed friend and kept trying to arrange the photo shoot for her own baby... She loved playing with all the product while Ivy was in front of the camera, but she was pretty excited to take her own turn, too!

Alice especially loved this Octo Softeez with the plush tentacles. They aren't available yet but I know Alice is going to want one as soon as they are!

Alice already has a Dreamy Stars Minnie Mouse that she loves, and she was pretty stoked about this cupcake version! 

Firefly Frog has fireflies glowing in his belly and serenades with crickets and ribbits. One of these guys made his way to our house already and the girls were delighted! But we only have one, so we've been mediating lots of negotiations on sharing. We just might have to get another...

I loved these super soft robes (but I don't see them on the website!). They were deliciously cuddly and the darling sheep hood is almost too much to handle. I definitely need a matching pair of these!!

 Ivy loved the new Gentle Giraffe on the Go, and the other stroller products. If she spent more time in the stroller, she might insist on some of these accessories.

By this point, it was just about nap time and my little bug was worn out from being so cute working so hard. We had such a great time that I'm almost considering looking into getting them in front of the camera again. We'd be happy to play with Cloud b again anytime, maybe they'll call us back sometime!

This post is not sponsored, the opinions and endorsements are my own and were not influenced by our involvement in this photoshoot - except that I got to get my hands on all their stuff. We were compensated for our time and likeness, and scored a few extra goodies, too!